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Pre & Post Care

Maddbeauty.xo believes that the key to achieving your desired look through our permanent makeup and beauty spa services lies in proper care before and after your appointment. MaddBeauty.xo has established a comprehensive pre-care and after-care policy to educate clients on the importance of following specific instructions to prepare for their appointments and maintain their results. We want to ensure that every client receives the most satisfactory outcome possible and enjoys long-lasting results.

Please note that failure to follow our pre-care and after-care instructions may result in unsatisfactory results. The outcome of the procedure is highly dependent on the client's care, and we cannot guarantee the desired result if the client does not follow the instructions. We encourage our clients to strictly adhere to our pre-care and after-care policies to achieve their desired look and enjoy long-lasting results.


Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pre-Care

Skin Preparation: To perform cosmetic tattoo procedures, the skin must be healthy, hydrated, and moisturized on the day of your appointment. Please avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure. Skin cannot be severely tanned or burnt on the day of your appointment. If the skin is overly dry, cracked, peeling, red/irritated, burnt, or has scabs on the day of your appointment. MaddBeauty.xo reserves the right to cancel your appointment. Procedures cannot be performed if the skin is not properly prepared.


Pain Preparation: Though the sensation of micro-pigmentation is minimal, all clients will respond to pain differently. To alleviate possible discomfort, a strong topical anesthetic will be applied before and during the procedure. Please note that you will be more sensitive 5 days before, during, and 5 days after your menstrual cycle. Do not take any blood thinners such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin 24 hours before, Tylenol can be taken 30 minutes before your treatment without any contraindications.


• The skin should not be dry, chapped or irritated on the day of the appointment.

• You may swell; please make sure you don’t have anything important for the next 1-2 days after your visit (depending on the person).

• If you use or have used Retin-A or any other medications, please advise the technician.

• Do not exercise the day of the procedure

• Do not tan or come with a sunburned face. • Do not consume caffeinated products 24 hours before the procedure.

• Do not consume alcohol 5 days before your procedure and 3 days after.

• Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, or Ibuprofen 72 hours before the procedure.

• Avoid chemical peels, Botox, Laser Treatment 2 months before your appointment

pre car brows.png

Semi- Permanent Eyebrow After-Care

IMPORTANT! Do not pick, peel, tamper, scratch, rub, injure, or remove the peeling in any way, if you do, you will experience a loss of colour. Let the skin naturally go through its own exfoliating and recovery process.


* YOU CANNOT BE EXPOSED TO THE SUN DURING THE HEALING PROCESS * Please note that because of the skin's natural regeneration, after the recovery period (peeling) clients may lose colour which will make the brows look uneven. It is absolutely normal. This is the reason we require the client to attend a follow-up appointment, so we can ensure the best possible results. 5% of clients might need an extra touch-up (this applies to clients that have oily, combination skin types, or clients doing a corrective / coverup procedure).

First 5 days Remember: No physical activity. Do not let any sweat, water, lotion, soap, or makeup touch your eyebrows. Use your visor to cover your brows when you are showering and washing your face to protect the treated area from water. YOU CAN ONLY WASH YOUR FACE NORMALLY AFTER DAY 5 (Only applies to clients who get powder brows technique) Do not pull out scabs Your brow area will swell a little bit right after the procedure. It’s normal and it’s not something for you to worry about. You will also develop scabs on the area that was worked on and it is highly important that you do not pull out these scabs. They might itch, but do your best to keep them in place, they will fall off in their own time. The reason, again, is the pigment. Pulling out the scabs can leave an uneven color. Do not dye or tweeze eyebrows one week before or after the procedure.


Moisturize the area If the scabs or flakes are too dry, they will itch and you will be more prone to scratching, so to avoid that, try to keep the area moisturized by using the ointment your esthetician recommends (with a Q-tip NOT fingertips), particularly overnight. To clean, simply pat away with a clean towel. Do not rub. The daytime application can be stopped once flaking is complete. Nighttime can be continued (optional) to keep skin moist and the vibrancy in colour (if you find your skin is dry)


14 DAYS +

• NO hot sauna, no swimming pool, no hot bath/shower, no sun tanning, no tanning salons, no Vaseline, no Neosporin, or any other petroleum-based products.

• NO massage, facials, waxing threading, laser treatments, or skin treatments.

• DO NOT expose the area to dirty or unsanitary conditions (dirty masks, pillowcases, etc.,) Try to avoid being in dusty places. 30 DAYS +

• Do not use products containing alcohol, tonics, or tonics based on lactose and fruit acids, retinol acids, or glycolic acids in the treatment area.

• Use a silk pillowcase

• No Botox or fillers near the procedure area for 30 days.

• Clients should avoid all prolonged outdoor sun exposure for the first 30 days. Any prolonged sun exposure will lead to premature loss of colour or can lead to a change in the shade of the fresh pigment. Only after your eyebrows are completely healed (after 30 days), can you be exposed to the sun and begin to apply SPF on the treated area. Always apply a layer of at least SPF 30 on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun as a continued practice to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh and vibrant. MaddBeauty.xo recommends after you complete the initial touch-up and appointment procedures make sure no foundation or concealer is applied to the treated area otherwise it will distort the colour!


Facial Pre-Care

Dress comfortably for your appointment that way you can enjoy your facial at its fullest.

It is recommended that you do not wear makeup to your appointment. If you do, it will be cleansed since it is part of the facial treatment.

Avoid any strong at-home chemical peels, exfoliating treatments, retinol, or any other intense treatments that cause fast skin cell rejuvenation and skin irritation 3-4 weeks prior to your appointment.

Avoid tanning 3-5 days prior to your appointment. It is important to not work on sensitive and sunburnt skin since it can be damaging.

Be prepared to discuss your skin history, the medications, and medical conditions that you currently have or had in the past.

If you have a big event just around the corner, it is recommended that you schedule your facial 6 weeks in advance that way you don't risk heading to the event with your skin possibly purging or reacting.

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Facial Post-Care

Your skin has been deep cleansed, stimulated, and nourished during your facial so it’s important not to stimulate the skin any further to avoid irritation.

• Avoid picking, squeezing, or touching the area.

• Avoid the temptation to apply make-up for 6-12 hours where possible.

• Avoid any other exfoliating skincare products for 48 hours after treatment.

• Do not have any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours.

• Avoid sunbathing or sunbeds for 48 hours after treatment.

• Avoid swimming, saunas, steam and hot showers for 48 hours after treatment. Have lukewarm showers where possible.

• If any redness or irritation occurs, apply a damp cotton wool compress to the area.

If symptoms persist, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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